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Special Data Dissemination Standards

Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS)

Under the Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), central banks undertake the responsibility of disseminating information under certain data categories, such as, analytical accounts of the banking sector, analytical accounts of the central bank, balance of payments, international reserves and exchange rates. The IMF requires that these data should be available at regular intervals in public domain.

The IMF as well as central banks also provides a National Summary Data Page (NSDP) on their websites to provide quick access to a single comprehensive source of economic and financial data consistent with the data categories and components described in the subscriber's metadata. Additionally, many of the NSDPs include further links to additional data or information on other national Internet data sites.

The Reserve Bank of India is one of the earliest central bank signatories of SDDS. This section provides the data released by the Reserve Bank of India under SDDS requirements.

National Summary Data Page